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Blandin Leadership Program Grant Application

Blandin Foundation provides grants up to $5,000 as part of its focus on investing in leaders in rural Minnesota communities. Previously these grants were called Rural Quick Start grants.

Graduates of a Blandin leadership program (BCLP, BRCLP, LPEP, LEDC, ACE) may apply for these grants to assist with projects to plan for a vibrant future for their community. Grants are made to 501(c)3 organizations, tribal governments and units of government.

Before you complete the application form, please review the Blandin Leadership Program Grant guidelines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact LuAnn Robinson or Linda Gibeau at 1-877-882-2257 or email at Qualifying requests will be responded to in approximately 30 days.

  • Application Form

  • Key Contact

  • Fiscal Agent

  • May be same as key contact name above.
  • Job title of individual listed above.
  • Project Summary

  • Budget

  • List the total budget for your project. Provide details of budget items in the following two sections.
  • List the dollar amount of your request and describe what it would be used for.
  • List in-kind and cash contributions that are part of your total project budget and describe what each will be used for.
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