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Visit the Outposts blog to stay current with work and issues of importance to the Foundation and its partners. The posts below and others are a slice of vibrant, rural Minnesota.

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E-Mentors: creating professional communicators one email at a time

Dear Mr. Future Boss, Thx 4 the email. im excited for this gr8 opportunity and can’t wait 2 meet u. TTYL. Sincerely, Today’s Youth Lower case i, numbers in place of words (4/for), and unidentified acronyms (TTYL) – these are only a few of the common grammar gaffes found in emails from today’s youth. Teens [...]



Big Data in Philanthropy

“It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place.” - Andrew Carnegie In a December 2013 Wall Street Journal article, philanthropy scholar Lucy Bernholz offers big data as an to answer Carnegie’s implied question: how can we be intentional, and intelligent, when awarding grants? But what is [...]



Redefining competitiveness

In a recent Star Tribune editorial, Growth & Justice president Dane Smith challenges us to think about how we perceive competitiveness. He argues that the focus has been narrow for far too long, emphasizing “cheap labor and lower taxes.” Smith says that, instead, competitiveness  should be defined by what is done to increase human potential. [...]



Blandin Foundation awards $3.4 million in grants to support rural leaders

Through our work, we want to inspire rural communities to claim their futures by reaching out into the world of possibilities and grabbing the solution to their community challenge. Last week, Blandin Foundation trustees approved 93 grants, totaling $3.4 million, to leaders who are doing just that kind of work. Some examples of the work [...]



Blandin Foundation extends its commitment to rural broadband

During their spring meeting March 20 and 21, Blandin Foundation trustees voted to extend the organization’s decade of work in rural broadband another two years (through 2016) and allocate $1.5 million more for community broadband grants. “We see every day what local leaders can do to address very significant and complex challenges,” said Dr. Kathleen [...]

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