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Information to inform and inspire your community work

Great ideas spark great ideas — and good work.

As one of a handful of rural-based, rural-focused private foundations in the country, Blandin Foundation takes to heart its role to raise up rural perspectives.

This work takes many forms: our Rural Pulse survey, reports on broadband adoption and use, convening communities on topics they care about, from early childhood to historical trauma. We love to share what we learn with you, our friends and neighbors.

Our hope is that these insights spark your hope as you design and claim regenerative futures for your communities.


Rural Research

Data and resources to lift rural needs and build rural-based solutions
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Since 2003, Blandin Foundation has studied and supported locally-driven efforts to increase the ways rural Minnesotans connect to and use high-speed internet.
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Vibrant Communities

People. Places. Passion. Progress.

Rural Pulse

Our 2022 survey of rural Minnesotans on their perceptions of issues facing their community.
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Cradle to Career

Itasca communities come together to propel opportunity for all children.


Vital forests, vital communities.
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