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Blandin Foundation stands with Minnesota’s rural leaders and communities as they create and claim futures that are resilient, vibrant and connected.

Broadband has revolutionized  business, government, education, work and lifestyles. Without robust broadband access and fully technologically literate populations, rural communities will be unable to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits that ultra high-speed, next-generation Internet can provide.

Since 2003, the Blandin Community Broadband Program has engaged at local, state and federal levels to ignite and sustain policies that support rural access to robust broadband. Guiding this work is a strategy board of public and private leaders to guide the initiative, and a vision.

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Annual Broadband Conference

Logo for Broadband 2020: Connected We StandOnline · October 6-29

We invite you to join us this fall for a next generation broadband-enabled, broadband-focused conference.

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Learn More About Broadband

Research and reports, past broadband conference materials, tools you can use and success stories.

Learn About Broadband

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Broadband Webinar Series

Leaders in the Minnesota and national broadband scene share insights and tips to transform communities into tech-savvy destinations.
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Blandin Broadband Communities Program

Intensive, two-year partnerships with Blandin Foundation to advance local broadband initiatives.

BBC Member Page

Information for our BBC partners. Login required.

Robust Network Feasibility Fund Grants

Matching grants to support research on the feasibility of geographically based broadband networks.

Community Broadband Resources Program

Technical assistance and general support as your community explores its next steps in high-speed internet services.

2019 Awards: Broadband

From the Blandin on Broadband Blog

MN Farmers Union thanks policymakers – for broadband support and more

Nov 27

Ag Week reports… Minnesota Farmers Union delegates passed special orders on pertinent issues this year at the convention as well as recognizing U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson and State Rep. Jeanne Poppe. More info… “Chair Peterson and Chair Poppe have been … Continue reading

Senator Klobuchar talks to Breckenridge and other mayors about hot topics – like broadband

Nov 27

Whapeton Daily News reports… U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (DFL-Minn.) hosted a conference call with Mayor Russ Wilson, Breckenridge, Minnesota, and three other Minnesota mayors about the economic impact COVID-19 is having on the towns, as well as their short-term and … Continue reading

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Bernadine Joselyn

Director of Public Policy and Engagement

Direct: 218-327-8728

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Mary Magnuson

Program Assistant - Public Policy & Engagement

Direct: 218-327-8738

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