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Where do you see your community today? And more importantly, where do you imagine your community tomorrow?

At Blandin Foundation, we see a world of possibilities within your answers.

Discover here your fellow rural Minnesotans’ answers. And consider the power and possibilities within your own answers.

From the Blog: Top 3 Vibrant Communities

We see vibrancy in rural Minnesota every week — and share it with you on Outposts, our blog.

It’s Time to Talk

May 14

Forums on Race Spark Conversations that Matter to the Future of Rural Minnesota Rural Minnesota communities are facing changes and pressures today that test long-held assumptions and challenge local leaders to forge new relationships. In fact, between 2010 and 2015, Minnesota has added four times as many people of color as white residents, according to […]

10 Ways to Attract and Retain Community Members

Mar 30

Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission executive director Michael Haynes laid out, in a recent editorial, 10 ways to keep his county thriving in a time when rural places are loosing population. They focus on creating strong relationships and improving existing community assets. 1. Recognize and acknowledge that our business owners, investors, managers, and employees have […]

New Dental Clinic Leaves Bigfork Residents Smiling

Mar 07

Labeled a silent epidemic by two previous surgeons general, oral disease is on the rise in the United State as access to dental care dwindles in hard-to-reach places. At home in Minnesota, remote rural areas grapple with unrealistic dentist-to-patient ratios, distance to clinics, lack of transportation and clinics that cannot afford to accept dental assistance. […]

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