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Rural Research

Data and resources to lift rural needs and build rural-based solutions

When it comes to knowing what rural communities have and need, those who live there know best. Blandin Foundation advocates for and with people who are not often heard. We share information and opportunities so the multi-layered, diverse voice of rural inspires change and galvanizes action.

Our Research

Accurate data about rural life is key to build a sustainable, equitable future. Understanding demographics, public health, education, broadband access and more helps communities see themselves and the realities and disparities we face. It also can create momentum to change rural narratives and policies.

Blandin Foundation research has focused on specific topics, as well as people’s perceptions of their quality of life in rural Minnesota. We’re glad to make our findings available. Use it to start or change conversations in and about your community.

Rural Funding Solutions

Learn more about the ways funding is stacked against rural — and some practical, do-able suggestions you can use as you build a roadmap toward a regenerative future for your rural place.

Rural Minnesota Data

The ways federal and state money is budgeted to rural communities has hardly changed in 40 years. This means rural communities have been forced to respond to longstanding crises like job losses, school closings and hospital consolidations with taxes that follow boom-and-bust cycles of local industry, or rely on government program grants calculated with outdated data that does not account for the people and needs of rural places now.

Cascading crises in recent years, like the COVID pandemic, racial reckoning, and accelerating climate change, have only made things worse. Rural Minnesota’s economies, schools, health care, and more have been stretched beyond their breaking point.

It’s past time for change.

Rural assets — local people’s creativity, knowledge and networks — augmented with adequate funding and supports, can build solutions to sustain the land on behalf of the entire nation, and move rural communities to sustainable, equitable futures.

These reports and studies provide a glimpse of how rural Minnesota looks today.


Grantees and Partners

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