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Vision Mission Values

What we do, why we think it matters

Nothing truly worthwhile is ever easy.

What we’ve learned is that real community is built by hard work. The hard work of leading, of genuine inclusion, of reaching across boundaries to build lasting connections. On commitments—families facing hardship together, individuals prepared to make a stand when it matters most.  And on belonging…that indelible sense of place that we call home.

That fertile soil grows courage and inspires resourcefulness that moves rural places forward.

And that’s what Blandin Foundation is all about. Minnesotans imagining, leading, and growing inclusive communities and regenerative economies. We see a world of possibilities in our state’s rural communities and are especially committed to the Itasca County area.

We connect, support and train leaders. We invest in education and the economy. We raise our voice and other voices of rural. With rural communities, we navigate the beautiful balance between the past and the horizon, building toward a strong, sustainable, equitable future.

This spirit guides our vision, mission and values.


We envision rural Minnesota places that welcome diversity, address injustice, and embrace change to create a sustainable and equitable future



We connect, fund and advocate for ideas and people to inspire resourcefulness and move rural places forward


We love rural

We choose to live where the lives of people and land depend on each other. Our work and friendships bridge the distances we face. When challenges arrive, we lend a hand to get things done.

Courage through change

We call attention to disparity. We think deeply and critically about solutions. We take wise, creative approaches confidently, to meet the future.

Lead with compassion

We know our neighbors’ lives up close, and advocate for and with people who are not often heard. They inspire us to build forward toward communities where respect, harmony and integrity flourish.

Seeds for the future

We learn from the past. We grow and sustain the resources in our care. We carry our founder’s community-minded spirit as we care for the future.

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