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Resilient. Rural. Community.

Blandin Foundation is all about Minnesotans imagining, leading, and growing resourceful, inclusive communities.


We meet communities where they’re at.

Itasca Area

Your partner in building healthy rural communities in the place we call home.

Courage through Change

Where do you imagine your community tomorrow?

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Blandin Foundation stands with communities as they design and claim their futures. That’s thousands of partnerships in hundreds of communities over more than 75 years.

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To meet the changing needs of small school districts, superintendents harness community school strategies

July 21, 2022

Deer River Schools was featured as a successful example of a Full Services Community School in this Brookings article. A few years ago, we lifted up the work of local leaders to create a community hub within their school to support the whole student, above and beyond their academic needs. Read the blog here.

GroundWork Blog

Big Stone II

A call for clear-eyed definitions of rural

July 28, 2022

What “counts” as rural depends on who you ask. And while the my-town-is-smaller-than-your-town squabble can be just a bit of fun between rival sports teams or neighboring towns, the size and classification of a community has very real dollars-and-cents impacts. A recent Center on Rural Innovation article highlighted that there are more than a dozen…


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