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Community News and Information

Supporting communities adding rural perspectives to public dialog.

Blandin Foundation brings together people, research and organizations to inform citizen action and assure that rural perspectives are well represented in public discourse about challenges and opportunities in rural Minnesota.

Our Rural Voice Initiative includes

  • A longstanding affiliation with the Minnesota Newspaper Association Editors and Publishers program, which builds leadership among rural Minnesota newspaper staff.
  • Targeted grants that support community journalism. Among our grantees:

Itasca Community Television – ICTV
Northern Community Radio – KAXE/KBXE
Public television stations – TPT in Minneapolis-St. Paul, WDSE in Duluth and Lakeland Public TV in Bemidji

  • Commissioning of the Rural Pulse, a study of rural residents’ perceptions of issues facing their communities.

Research and Reports

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Grantees and Partners

Rural News

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