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Blandin calls for stimulus funding partners

Date: April 22, 2009

To: Prospective Partners
MN Broadband Stimulus Application

From: Bernadine Joselyn
Director, Public Policy & Engagement

Re: Call for Partners

Blandin Foundation intends to develop and submit an application for federal broadband stimulus funds and is inviting interested prospective partners to join us in a collaborative effort to bring significant federal funds to Minnesota. Blandin Foundation brings financial match, grant-making expertise and broadband program experience to the project. We have a talented and experienced grant writer in place to facilitate application development.

Blandin Foundation’s interest is focused on funds targeting community education, community access, market development, broadband-dependent application development and economic development. Ideal partners would be statewide, regional or local organizations with capacity to assist in the implementation of projects, especially at the regional and local level.

This Blandin-led initiative will not be seeking funds for significant infrastructure development. Organizations seeking those funds may find benefit in citing the Blandin project as a value-add to their infrastructure initiatives. We would be pleased to include your initiative in our application as one that would participate and benefit from our prospective market development programs.

Organizations with definite interest in pursuing this collaborative effort should contact Bill Coleman at 651-491-2551 or for additional information and next steps. We are planning meetings with organizations that we have identified as key stakeholders. Bill may also be contacting you directly to determine your interest in this project.

Organizations with an interest in working with Blandin or looking for other partnerships are invited to share their ideas through the Minnesota Broadband Coalition site:  

Thanks for your consideration.

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