Healthy Vibrant Rural Communities

Nothing truly worthwhile is ever easy.

What we’ve learned is that real communities are built on hard work. On the hard work of leadership, of genuine inclusion, of reaching across boundaries and building lasting connections. On commitments—families facing hardship together, individuals prepared to make a stand when it matters most.  And on belonging—that indelible sense of place that we call home.

That’s the fertile soil in which healthy communities grow.

And that’s what Blandin Foundation is all about. Minnesotans imagining, leading, and growing healthy, inclusive—vibrant—communities. We see a world of possibilities in our state’s rural communities and are especially committed to the Itasca County area.

We train, support and connect leaders. We invest in education, the economy and inclusion. We’ve come to believe that, in the rich blend of these activities, communities come together, defining and claiming their future.