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Christy Hoskins

Christy (she/her) provides administrative and programmatic support to the Innovation & Design function at the Foundation, and supports the Directors of Grants, Rural Capacity Building, and Advocacy programs with scheduling, logistics, and coordination of program activities. She also serves as a point of contact for staff and guests at the Foundation front desk.

After graduating from Grand Rapids High School in 2004, Christy took a break from school to realize her independence and gain some life experience in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., and Boulder, Colo. She holds an associate of arts degree from Itasca Community College. She has worked at the Foundation since 2015, and previously was a barista and bank teller.

Christy says, “I grew up playing in the woods and lakes of northern Minnesota, so rural is at my core. I appreciate what urban areas have to offer, and it is fun to visit, but the slower pace of rural agrees with me – and I can breathe better here.”

Christy is raising two school-aged kids (and multiple pets) in the house her dad grew up in; life is both chaotic and wonderful. She tries to appreciate this chapter because she recognizes it is fleeting.

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