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Report: Community Vibrancy and the Greater Grand Rapids Area

A Study of Resource Intersection and Needs

How does Blandin Foundation best layer its investments for most impact?

Blandin Foundation explored this question in its home giving area in 2015. The Foundation commissioned Minneapolis-based The Improve Group to better understand the kinds of change community leaders in Grand Rapids would like to see in the future, and how resources of the Foundation and other organizations work together to assist and support the community to move toward those changes.

The research was conducted as a case study. The Improve Group conducted group and individual interviews with community members connected to the Foundation’s areas of work to reach a deeper understanding of their perspectives.

Foundation staff shared the case study findings with study participants in March 2016. The group answered the questions below as part of that event. You also are invited to review the report and submit your thoughts and comments using the form below.

Together we can make the Grand Rapids area a vibrant, resilient rural Minnesota community.

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Add Your Voice to the Grand Rapids Case Study

How can we get better at making our communities better? The case study of Grand Rapids conducted in 2015 provides a few ideas. Now we’d like to hear yours.

Read the Community Vibrancy report. Then respond to these questions. We’ll post responses on this page.

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