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Image: CK by car talking to man in overalls log pile in bkgd 1950.364.10001

Documents establishing the Foundation and Residuary Trust

Charles K. Blandin established the purpose, scope and governance of Charles K. Blandin Foundation over a nearly 20-year period. His business acumen, progressive vision and commitment to the Grand Rapids area laid the groundwork upon which Blandin Foundation has grown and adapted, and today stands with rural Minnesota communities — especially those in the Itasca area — as they imagine and claim vibrant futures.

1941 – Mr. Blandin established the Foundation with a charter.

1949-52 – His will and associated codicils (addendums) provided additional guidance about the governance and funding of the Foundation

1958 – As Mr. Blandin planned, the Charles K. Blandin Residuary Trust, the endowment that holds the assets from which Blandin Foundation receives its funding, was established upon his death

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