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Minnesota’s spotlight is on its leaders, at every level, who are trying to do more with fewer resources.  State legislators, especially, have their work cut out for them as the “cut vs. tax” debate persists.

Blandin Foundation’s 25 years’ experience with training community leaders have reinforced the simple fact that: Effective leaders first are excellent framers—they define opportunities and issues in ways that lead to effective action.

What would the state’s legislative conversation look like if it was framed around “imagine a new way?”  That’s exactly what a group of Minnesota foundations (including Blandin Foundation) is proposing.  Today they launched a conversation with legislators and the public for redesigning public services.  At its core are three principles:

Make Strategic Choices. Prioritization is a critical element of government redesign, from assessing the highest public needs to evaluating the best way of providing services.

Innovate.  Governments need to think long-term with their budget challenges, and to be willing to toss out the old rules and try new program structures and delivery systems.

Deliver Better Outcomes.  Paying for processes and continuing with the current results won’t be enough. Minnesotans want their government to get the greatest possible outcome for every tax dollar they spend.

Beyond the Bottom Line” is a report of 16 ideas that have potential to save the state more than $20 billion over the coming two years while improving outcomes of public services.   Based on the three principles above, the report is intended as a conversation-starter, and all voices are invited to participate.  Citizens’ League is hosting this online conversation at:

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