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Making Progress toward Real Representation

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Go Run! American Indian women can do this! This message repeatedly resounded at the GO RUN convening on November 18-20, 2011 at the Deep Portage Learning Center near Hackensack, where twenty-eight American Indian women gathered to share knowledge and resources with the objective of facilitating a conversation centered on developing political leadership.

GO RUN is founded on the ideal that real representation involves listening to all voices in the political landscape of rural Minnesota.

With politically-experienced American Indian trainers, such as Nevada Littlewolf—a Blandin Community Leadership Program alumnae, participants were encouraged to share their passion for their communities, while pinpointing the issues facing them. Personal stories provided the fodder to explore and create political platforms.   

GO RUN organizers believe that by providing American Indian women with the nuts and bolts of political leadership, they will be triumphant in the polls thereby expanding the spectrum of real representation.

GO RUN trainers include the following alumni of the Blandin Leadership Programs: Nevada Littlewolf, Elizabeth Towle Scott, Sally FineDay, Prairie Rose Seminole and Diane Gibbs.

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