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New report shows Minnesota is ready for innovation in government

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Some very interesting findings were unveiled this week about possibilities and challenges for redesigning the way Minnesota government entities work together. 
  The report, Focus on Outcomes, harvests learning from six regional gatherings of city, county and school board leaders in November 2011.  The report highlights three critical lessons:
1. Redesign is facing some barriers to change.  Changing the way services are managed or delivered is never easy, and it hasn’t been for our local leaders working to redesign services in their communities.
2. Leaders agree that five essential elements are needed to redesign local governments.  Barriers are not permanent obstacles, and many local leaders have moved past them.
3. Minnesota’s local governments are ready to innovate.  In fact, they’re already doing it.

Blandin is a partner in this conversation through its work with the Beyond the Bottom Line initiative, a consortium of leading Minnesota foundations.  The primary partners sponsoring this report, and their websites:

Association of MN Counties

League of MN Cities

MN School Boards Association

Bush Foundation/In Commons

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