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Grants Reports: 6 Ways to Wow your Funders

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Photo at Grantee Update EventSo you got the grant. Congratulations! After a round of back slaps and high fives, get to work. Fast forward a handful of months and it’s time for a grant report. Let’s be honest, it’s about number 1,398,482 on today’s to-do list, but it’s got to get done. To make the writing process as trouble-free as possible, here’s a handful of helpful hints from our grants team on what makes a compelling grant report.

  1. Be on time. And if you can’t be, simply tell us. We’d rather have a quality report than something that’s not completed.
  2. Be a storyteller. Do you have one or two stories that emulate what your work is about? Tell us! What can those stories tell us about the impact of the project/program?
  3. Be a connector. Have you forged any new relationships because of your work? If so, we’re hooked. Let us know the who, what, where and why!
  4. Be forward-looking. Have you gained any new insights because of the project? Has any new work been generated? These are the juicy details we’re looking for.
  5. Be honest and authentic. It’s easy to spot when people are coloring up a report. Be honest when you tell us what you learned. We want to hear about both the successes and the failures. Don’t be afraid to admit shortcomings. Use your authentic voice – not grant-speak. It will set you apart from the crowd.
  6. Be thorough and specific. Keep showing us how your project fits with our strategic priorities. We pay a lot of attention to how your work coincides with our vision for vibrant rural communities. Lastly, details matter! Make sure the budget worksheet is completed when you send in the narrative report.

Bottom line is – yes, we do read grant reports. They’re important to our work. They give us valuable insight into what’s happening in rural Minnesota.

So next time you’re checking off items on your to-do list, pull out these tips when you get to “Grant Report” and let the writing begin!

Are you a seasoned grant report writer? What other tips do you have to add? Post below!

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