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Blandin Foundation: a catalyst of connections

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“The Blandin Foundation’s work is a catalyst of connections — among members of rural communities and between the education and business sectors.” — Gene Rebeck, Twin Cities Business, November 25, 2015

Last week, Twin Cities Business reporter Gene Rebeck penned a piece that gave readers a look into the philosophy behind Blandin Foundation’s work in rural Minnesota.

From the beginning, the Blandin Foundation has focused on rural communities. It uses a variety of approaches in its work: grantmaking, leadership development programs, community engagement and strategic communications. While economic betterment is one of its goals, its work needs to be “charitable in nature,” says Wade Fauth, the foundation’s vice president. “For us, it’s not just about jobs,” Fauth says. “It’s really about expanding opportunity, particularly for populations that haven’t necessarily done very well.”

Rebeck covers the interweaving of our grants, leadership and broadband programs which are designed to meet communities where they’re at so they can define for themselves what their community needs.

What the Blandin Foundation hopes to help maintain is what Fauth calls the “rural advantage.” In rural Minnesota, “people do know each other. They can get together and create change.”

Read the full story at Twin Cities Business.

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