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David Roerick – giving the gift of time for Itasca area needs

Legacy and Leadership Awards were created to recognize and celebrate acts of community leadership in honor of our founder Charles Blandin’s 75-year legacy of leadership. 


Over the past several months, Legacy and Leadership Awards have been given to 72 members of the Itasca Community. All of these individuals have done admirable work for their neighbors and most of them have long lists of service. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find volunteering experience quite like that of David Roerick.

When asked what drives him to such generous giving of his time and efforts David replies, “We all need help from time to time. It’s a wonderful gift to get the help we need, it’s a far greater gift when we can provide some help for another.”

David has volunteered his time with: Circles of Support, “Let’s Go Fishing” with senior citizens, Advocates for Family Peace, Knights of Columbus, Grace House, Minnesota Forestry Association, Minnesota Forestry Partnership, Grand Rapids School Forestry Commission, St. Joseph’s Church Ministries and Leaders Partnering to End Poverty.

In supporting and advocating for those who may be less fortunate than himself, David is setting an example for community members to follow. His efforts with the above stated groups have led to positively impact the elderly, the handicapped and the homeless. He has even been involved in fundraising for veterans and mentoring students.

“I think this work supports my Christian values in a way that I can live my faith in modern-day society,” he said. “At the end of the day, volunteering my time for good is how I can measure success in my life.”


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