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Image: Hannah harling

Hannah Harling – handmade soap entrepreneur

Legacy and Leadership Awards were created to recognize and celebrate acts of community leadership in honor of our founder Charles Blandin’s 75-year legacy of leadership. 


Hannah Harling is a fourteen year-old who fell in love with making soaps and other products during the winter months of 2014.  It started with a Christmas gift from her little brother—a book on soap making—and before long, the Harling residence was bursting with suds.

In order to disperse her finished product, and leave a little space in the house for her family to live, Hannah began participating in “First Friday Art Walks”—which have become a staple in the Grand Rapids community.

As things picked up for Hannah, she expanded her budding, bubbly business to the local farmers market and plans to continue to offer her goods through the summer.

Hannah has learned about the harsh chemicals found in most store-bought soaps and uses her post as “local soap maker” to spread her knowledge and expertise. Hannah’s soaps are very mild and contain far less of the harmful stuff.

After attending a food safety class and earning her certificate, Hannah is now licensed to offer her soaps on a larger scale. She has built her own website and will continue to grow. She hopes to open her own restaurant and gift shop in the Grand Rapids area someday.

Ivory, Dove and Dial had better watch out! Entrepreneur Hannah Harling is on the rise! We appreciate her showing the way for others exploring youth leadership.


Photo credit: Grand Rapids Herald Review

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