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Blandin Foundation anticipates leadership change in 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (June 26, 2019)– Blandin Foundation President and CEO Kathy Annette informed the foundation’s trustees this week that she will retire in 2020 following a distinguished career in rural and Native community health and development.

Dr. Annette has served as president and CEO for Blandin Foundation since 2011, following a distinguished and long career in various leadership roles with Indian Health Service.  Prior to taking the helm at Blandin Foundation, she served the foundation as a trustee for 12 years, chaired and participated in its American Indian Advisory Committee, and participated in the first Blandin Reservation Community Leadership Program.

“Kathy has been an important leader for Blandin Foundation and we’re pleased that she will be with us for one more year, making a thoughtful and smooth transition,” said Dr. Heidi Korstad, board chair.  “It is a credit to Kathy that the foundation is ready for this change.  We are in a great place—strong teams of staff and trustees, financially solid and with a clear strategic path forward.  The board is very thankful for her stewardship and leadership, and we anticipate that Kathy will continue to provide this kind of impact through her final days as president and CEO early next summer.”

A transition team of the Blandin Foundation board has been formed and a nationwide search will begin mid-July.   Information on this recruitment process may be found at the foundation’s website as soon as it is available.


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