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Community conversations about student success continue

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – Attendees at Tuesday’s “Community Conversation on Student Success” were asked to provide their unique perspectives on creating a practical vision for, and taking a realistic view of obstacles and opportunities that impact the educational success of all area students. 

Questions participants responded to included:

1.      Imagine it’s 2015, and we’ve had five years of making progress toward helping all students succeed.  What is different in the Itasca area? What changes do you see?

2.     What is blocking us from moving toward your vision of how students are succeeding in 2015?

3.     What promising opportunities can help move us from where we are, beyond the obstacles, to where we want to go?

Area residents are encouraged to contribute their answers to the same questions.  Leave a voice mail at 1-877-882-2257, ext. 766, or enter your responses online using the “Education Success” link at

Convened and hosted by the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (an association of the region’s school districts and Itasca Community College) and the Blandin Foundation, the series of “Community Conversations” is designed to focus perspectives, initiatives and networks on bringing educational success to the region’s students and future workforce. The third and final meeting, scheduled for mid-April, will focus on creating strategies and a plan for addressing gaps and capitalizing on opportunities.  Reports of the conversations can be found following each event on the Blandin Foundation web site,


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