AEOA scholarship helped Bob Hildreth

Changing gears Scholarships support adults seeking new skills and careers   “How am I going to pay the bills?” thought Bob Hildreth, the day in 2007 when he was laid off from Ainsworth in Grand Rapids, where he had worked as a millwright for 10 years. Hildreth filed for unemployment and headed back to school … Continued

At Home local giving area reports

As part of its commitment to its home community, Blandin Foundation periodically produces a report on its activities and distributes it to residents of the Grand Rapids area.  

Blandin Leadership Program Grant Application

Blandin Foundation provides grants up to $5,000 as part of its focus on investing in leaders in rural Minnesota communities. Previously these grants were called Rural Quick Start grants. Graduates of a Blandin leadership program (BCLP, BRCLP, LPEP, LEDC, ACE) may apply for these grants to assist with projects to plan for a vibrant future for their community. … Continued

Blandin Strategy Board advice to Task Force

Earlier today the Blandin Foundation Broadband Strategy Board sent the following letter to the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force. It includes advice and praise for the hard work the Task Force has been doing. I’m going to cheat and put my favorite advice from the letter upfront – and then provide the full letter. 1. Focus on … Continued

Carrying forward VFVC work

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship,” some wise person once said.  The truth of this insight is borne out in the experience we at Blandin Foundation have had through our Vital Forests/Vital Communities (VF/VC) Initiative. The initiative was launched in 2003 to strengthen and diversify Minnesota’s forest-based economy and promote the long-term ecological … Continued

Charles K. Blandin

Schoolteacher, newspaperman, industrialist. Highlights from the life of Blandin Foundation founder C.K. Blandin.

Charles K. Blandin Residuary Trust

Charles K. Blandin Foundation — the formal name of Blandin Foundation — is a private foundation based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. We are Minnesota’s largest rural-based and rural-focused foundation. We are guided by terms of the will of founder Charles K. Blandin, who passed away in 1958 following distinguished careers in education, publishing and paper-making, including … Continued

Cheryl Adams, UPM Blandin Paper Mill

Cheryl Adams, Forest Ecologist, UPM Blandin Paper Mill As the frontrunner of the new forest industry, UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. We reshape markets through cost leadership, change readiness and leading innovation. We create value from renewable and recyclable materials by combining our expertise … Continued