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AIR Webinar Archive

Join the Intelligent Community Forum, Blandin Foundation, Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation, and economic and community development peers from across the Arrowhead for the Arrowhead Intelligent Region initiative webinar series.

Webinars were facilitated by Robert Bell, co-creator of the Intelligent Community framework, and built upon concepts outlined at the February 10 Arrowhead Intelligent Region Summit.

Date Topic
Tuesday, February 16 Digital Challenge, Digital Opportunity

Explains the forces of digital transformation that drives major change in your local economy, and how two very different communities turned challenge into opportunity. Watch the recording

Thursday, February 18 Engaging the Community in Positive Change

Introduces the ICF Method for growing the economy, society and culture. It presents community engagement – reimagined for the digital age – as the key to ultimate success. Watch the recording

Wednesday, February 24 Connectivity: The Foundation of Digital Opportunity

Highlights the importance of having a broadband strategy, regardless of current connectivity levels. It offers five ways to take action to expand broadband access, quality and competitiveness, and an unexpected secret for municipal network success. Watch the recording

Thursday, February 25 Knowledge Work: Creating a Ladder of Opportunity

Explains how communities can engage educators, employers and government in transforming their educational system into a ladder of opportunity for youth and adults. Increasing the supply of skilled employees and entrepreneurs gives a significant boost to economic growth. Watch the recording

Tuesday, March 2 Innovation: Building the Ecosystem for Growth

A guide to creating a positive cycle of digital-age growth in established and new businesses to take advantage of the growing supply of talented people in the economy. The new ecosystem connects employers, educators, institutions and government in building the community of the future. Watch the recording

Thursday, March 4 Inclusion: Overcoming the Digital Divide

Outlines success strategies for bridging the digital divide that keeps people from participating in the digital economy and society. The more successful the community becomes at building a knowledge-driven, innovation economy, the greater the need to reduce marginalization. Watch the recording

Tuesday, March 9 Sustainability for Quality of Life, Engagement, and Economic Growth

Completing the exploration of the ICF Method, it shows how communities can improve their quality of life, engage their people and target new economic opportunity through a strong commitment to sustainability. Watch the recording


The Arrowhead Intelligent Region (AIR) initiative brings to regional scale the Intelligent Community framework used to date by ten Iron Range communities to develop and implement projects that deliver on the promise of a broadband-fueled economy. Through this initiative we want to work with you and your peers to identify and fund projects across the seven-county Arrowhead region that will improve broadband infrastructure, build a knowledge workforce, incent innovation, ensure digital equality, enable community engagement, and ensure environmental and social sustainability. This approach combines an understanding that broadband is essential infrastructure, while emphasizing that it is the utilization of broadband that drives economic competitiveness. Blandin Foundation and Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation are committing funds to create a grant pool for regional projects emerging from this process. More details about the grant process will be shared during our meetings.

For more information, contact Bill Coleman at or Whitney Ridlon at

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