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Broadband 101: CCG Consulting

Tuesday, October 13 | Session notes and recording

The Ever-Widening Broadband Gap

It’s really easy to look at the difference between rural broadband and broadband in towns today and assume that today’s gap has to be closed. The reality is that the speeds, amount of bandwidth, and the way that folks in cities use broadband continue to grow at a rapid rate, and that means that the rural areas fall more behind every year. This is another reason not to built broadband that’s ready for the future. If somebody invests in a 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps technology today, that network is still going to have an astronomical gap compared to an urban network even 5 years from now.

Doug Dawson is the President of CCG Consulting, the largest telecom consulting company with over 1,000 clients. Doug has worked in the industry since 1978 and has both a consulting and an operational background. Doug and CCG specialize in helping clients to launch new broadband markets, open new markets and develop new products. Doug in particular helps clients find ways to finance new ventures. CCG has a varied telecommunications practice and helps clients with engineering, regulatory, operation and planning issues. Doug also writes the daily blog, that covers a wide range of topics for broadband and other related subjects.

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