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Broadband 101: HR Green

Tuesday, October 20 | Session notes and recording

Rights of Way Management for Efficient Fiber Deployment

Right of Way is one of the most important assets that every community has. It can be utilized to help attract fiber investment or manage fiber deployment when multiple carriers are deploying fiber, especially as 5G develops. There are several steps that communities can take to prepare them to manage their ROW to meet their broadband goals.

Ken Demlow serves as a Project Manager for HR Green Fiber and Broadband. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, from working in field construction installing fiber, to Google and Verizon projects, and several FTTH projects.   He works directly with clients to assess their current fiber and broadband circumstances, develop a broadband vision and strategy, assess financial costs and feasibility, while driving approved projects through the Design and Build phases into operations mode, if feasible and determined to be the best strategy.

Ken is nationally recognized for his industry knowledge including Smart Meters and Smart Grid.  He is also currently a member of the Right of Way Sub Committee of the APWA.

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