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Frontline Reflections: Megan Perrington

Megan Perrington is a social worker for Itasca County Public Health. Through her work, children and adults with disabilities can live as independently as possible through the delivery of home and community-based services. Blandin Foundation awarded a $11,850 grant to offer remote learning services for individuals with disabilities living in the Itasca area during 2020.

“The challenges and changes of 2020 have greatly impacted the people I work with, those living with disabilities. They have experienced abrupt shifts in work opportunities, specialized services, as well as decreased socialization. Though these challenges are difficult, I’ve seen our community – providers, caregivers, and family members – stand up to help the people I serve overcome their hurdles daily. Their acts of kindness give me hope that, with the new year, more opportunities, increased social interaction, and inclusion for people with disabilities will come.”

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