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Intelligent Community Forum Benchmarking Assistance

Is your community’s tech sophistication keeping pace with the world?

You can find out by using the benchmarking tool of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) which measures six inter-related indicators of a community’s competitiveness in the digital economy. The ICF benchmarking tool is used to measure progress against other communities and over time.

To give you and others in your community the opportunity to learn more about this process, Blandin Foundation is hosting four regional workshops across the state to explain the ICF model and showcase how communities in Minnesota and across the globe are putting it to work.

This workshop is for leaders in business, education and government interested in working strategically and collaboratively to improve the economic vitality and quality of life of their community and region.

In addition, Blandin will offer technical assistance to local teams completing ICF’s benchmarking questionnaire. This tool works for communities of all sizes – from the smallest up to a regional partnership, though data constraints may hamper answers to some questions for smaller communities.

Blandin Foundation held four regional meetings in August to discuss this opportunity. Watch the recording and read the notes here.

About ICF Benchmarking

Each organization that completes the benchmarking process will be entered in ICF’s Intelligent Community of the Year competition and will receive an ICF benchmarking report that compares your scores in the six elements to the other 400-plus ICF applicants. ICF estimates 8 – 10 hours of work to complete the application, which combines data and storytelling.

The questionnaire is due September 23, 2019.

You can find the questionnaire and more information on the Intelligent Community Forum at

Blandin Foundation’s Community Broadband Resources Program

Blandin Foundation has been using the Intelligent Community framework to help communities develop successful tech-based community projects that build local tech sophistication. A Minnesota delegation to the recent Intelligent Community Global Summit is inviting more Minnesota communities to join them in the Intelligent Community movement.

Blandin Foundation staff and consultants will assist rural Minnesota communities/regions by facilitating a stakeholder team discussion about how to present your best stories and offer draft application review.  That assistance is available by completing the brief Community Broadband Resources form.

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