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Office Hours: CTEP

Friday, October 23 | Session notes and recording

Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) AmeriCorps program

The St. Paul Neighborhood Network’s (SPNN) Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) has 35 AmeriCorps Members provide assessment and instruction that improves the technology literacy and employability of low-skilled adults and employment-aged youth in the Twin Cities metro area. Each year, the CTEP AmeriCorps Members will help 1,500 individuals become certified in basic computer skills and 650 to obtain jobs. In addition, the AmeriCorps members will leverage 475 volunteers who will provide additional technology literacy instruction.

Joel Krogstad, Program Director since 2006, has a Master’s degree in Work, Community and Family Education, and has served in this position since 2006. LinkedIn

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