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Digital Office Hours

Join conference organizers and the daily hosts weekdays from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Grab lunch and drop-in for informal conversation and networking!
Most days the host will give a short presentation and discussion at 11:15.
Monday, October 12

A Citizens’ Broadband Map: Speed Testing Initiatives in Washington and Minnesota 

Nathan Zacharias, MN Rural Broadband Coalition Consultant; Russ Elliot, Washington State Broadband Office; Steve Giorgi, Range Association of Municipalities and Schools; and Glenn Fishbine, GEO Partners
(BoB blog archive)

Tuesday, October 13

Pandemic Publishing with Children

Anne Brataas, Minnesota Children’s Press
(BoB blog archive)

Wednesday, October 14

Digital Engagement for Refugees and Immigrants

Fatima Said, Project FINE
(BoB blog archive)

Thursday, October 15

Novel Coronavirus: Libraries Responding Beyond Books

Hannah Buckland, MN Dept of Education; Jen Nelson, Minnesota State Librarian; and Maggie Snow, Minitex
(BoB blog archive)

Friday, October 16

Intelligent Communities in Minnesota

(BoB blog archive)

Monday,October 19

Creative Connections via Interactive Zoom Programming 

Maria Genné, Parker Genné, and Lynnea Doublette, Kairos Alive!
(BoB blog archive)

Tuesday, October 20

Office of Broadband Development Overview of Interactive Map of Broadband Deployment

Diane Wells, Minnesota Office of Broadband Development
(BoB blog archive)

Wednesday, October 21

Telehealth: The Pandemic Shift

Mary DeVany, Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center
(BoB blog archive)

Thursday, October 22

Partnership for a ConnectedMN

(BoB blog archive)

Friday, October 23

Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) AmeriCorps program

Joel Krogstad, CTEP Program Director
(BoB blog archive)
Annual Conference 2020
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