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Office Hours: Project FINE

Wednesday, October 14 | Session notes and recording

Digital Engagement for Refugees and Immigrants

Project FINE has been serving refugee and immigrant populations in Winona, MN and the surrounding area for 30 years. They provide a variety of educational programs and services, including several that have focused on technology education. They have also worked with community partners to help refugees and immigrants access technology, including free or low cost devices and internet. In response to the recent transition to virtual and hybrid learning, they have developed a new program for students and families to increase their knowledge of the school learning platforms and support this new way of learning.

Fatima Said serves as Executive Director for Project FINE, a nonprofit organization that is focused on integrating newcomers through education. In her role, she provides direction for the organization and works to build cross-sector partnerships that benefit both immigrants and refugees and the receiving community. Working with newcomers is Fatima’s passion, stemming from her personal experience as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fatima is a strong advocate for developing inclusive communities and has been recognized with several local, state and nationwide awards for her dedication to helping our newest neighbors.

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