Blandin Foundation stands with Minnesota’s rural leaders and communities as they create and claim futures that are resilient, vibrant and connected.

Broadband has revolutionized  business, government, education, work and lifestyles. Without robust broadband access and fully technologically literate populations, rural communities will be unable to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits that ultra high-speed, next-generation Internet can provide.

Since 2003, the Blandin Community Broadband Program has engaged at local, state and federal levels to ignite and sustain policies that support rural access to robust broadband. Guiding this work is a strategy board of public and private leaders to guide the initiative, and a vision.

Current work is described below. Or you can see what we’ve learned about community-based broadband work.

From the Blandin on Broadband Blog

EVENT Dec 13: Website Trends for 2020 in Minneapolis

Dec 10

I know it won’t be in everyone’s neighborhood, but for folks in the Twin Cities, it’s an interesting free event from Minnesota Council of Nonprofits … With the year winding down, MCN invites you to join the final Communications Networking … Continue reading

MN Broadband Task Force – new group meets for the first time (Dec 2019)

Dec 10

It almost feels like the first day of high school. Some folks know the ropes but there are a lot of (very smart and qualified) freshmen in the room. So there was a lot of introductions, rules of engagement (open … Continue reading

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