Blandin Foundation stands with Minnesota’s rural leaders and communities as they create and claim futures that are resilient, vibrant and connected.

Broadband has revolutionized  business, government, education, work and lifestyles. Without robust broadband access and fully technologically literate populations, rural communities will be unable to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits that ultra high-speed, next-generation Internet can provide.

Since 2003, the Blandin Community Broadband Program has engaged at local, state and federal levels to ignite and sustain policies that support rural access to robust broadband. Guiding this work is a strategy board of public and private leaders to guide the initiative, and a vision.

Current work is described below. Or you can see what we’ve learned about community-based broadband work.

From the Blandin on Broadband Blog

Five digital inclusion trends in the US

Oct 20

In honor of digital inclusion week, the NTIA has come up with five digital inclusion trends in the US. I’m going to borrow from the Benton Foundation summary to share them… Digital Inclusion Planning. More governments and coalitions are creating city-wide, … Continue reading

Lake Connections is looking for a buyer

Oct 20

Minnesota Watchdog reports on the status of the Lake County community broadband network… (The Watchdog looks at public funding for projects to “expose the facts about government mismanagement and overreach.”)  Lake County is trying to find a private provider to … Continue reading

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