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We have refocused our efforts on the areas where we can make the biggest difference: Community Wealth Building, Rural Placemaking, and Small Communities.

The Blandin Foundation has updated its 30-year grant-making approach to more closely align with Charles Blandin’s original vision, helping address urgent rural challenges and prepare for the future. Mr. Blandin’s legacy emphasized resilience, self-reliance, and sustainable growth. The Foundation is steering its grant-making to mirror his vision more closely by focusing on new priority areas, building capacity for success and fostering collaborations.

Our future grantmaking will look different but our commitment to strengthening our home community and rural Minnesota is stronger than ever.

Small Communities & Rural Placemaking Grants

The purpose of this RFP is to identify and support projects focused on capital needs and planning for community, organizational and program development.
Closed Notifying started June 7, 2024

Community Wealth Building Grants

Weaves together financial, intellectual, cultural and social assets for healthy communities.
Not Yet Open Schedule to be determined

Itasca Area Scholarships

If you are an Itasca area student age 25 or younger, you might be interested in our Scholarships program.

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Your grant officer is always available to assist with questions and provide other information.

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