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Image: Karen

Frontline Reflections: Karen Olson

Karen Olson is the mayor of Northome, Minnesota. She’s part of a group of local leaders active in identifying priorities and projects to grow Northome into the future. Blandin Foundation recently awarded a $150,000 grant for a number of those priorities including library improvements, signage, campground improvements, community marketing and more.

As 2021 becomes our history, we look forward to the possibilities awaiting us in 2022.  We have all experienced enormous change, but it is how we embrace that change that makes us the people we are.

I am thankful for the community that I live in.  Like most other communities, there have been ongoing challenges and businesses have been struggling.  But through it all, the community has shown support for each other and has created a circle to continue that support.

It’s encouraging to see community members step up with creative ideas to make our community the center stage.  “Let’s have a Holiday Parade!” was the statement made a year ago when we were struggling through COVID shutdowns.  It brought people together and gave them something to share with their neighbors.  That idea blossomed into another holiday parade this year, and who knows where it may go next.  We have so much untapped creativity!

We appreciate the support that Blandin provides to its communities, and I can see wonderful opportunities just waiting in the wings!

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