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Blandin Foundation helps rural Minnesota leaders develop and enhance the skills, knowledge and relationships they need to build and sustain healthy communities.

Healthy community is a place to live where all people can meet their economic, social, physical, cultural and spiritual needs, work together for the common good, and participate in creating their future.

Since 1985, our leadership programs have trained over 7,000 leaders who reside in approximately 600 rural Minnesota communities.

We have been engaged with partners across the state in working with rural communities and leaders from all sectors to not only carry out training, but evolve our programs to reflect current rural developments and feedback from our participants.

Current and Upcoming Leadership Training

LEDC - Moorhead

LEDC July 11 - September 12

Thief River Falls Area

BCLP September 24 - 28

Albert Lea Area

BCLP October 8 - 12

From the Outposts Blog

Pew Research shows rural-urban residents see difference in values but report many similarities

May 23

Yesterday Pew Research released a report, What Unites and Divides Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities, that provides insight into the perceptions, values and experiences of community life in different geographies. One finding highlighted that while over half of urban residents say their rural counterparts do not share the same values (and vice versa), both rural and […]

New Americans series features organizations that are easing the transition for newcomers to rural Minnesota

May 02

In January, we posted about a new series from MinnPost that examines the challenges and success of New Americans in Greater Minnesota. We were honored to partner with a number of rural funders to breathe life into this series. As new populations move across the state, local leaders are creating pathways to vibrant futures for […]

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