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Broadband 101: Magellan Advisors

Friday, October 23 | Session notes and recording Federal and State Broadband Funding Overview Jessica Zufolo, Vice President, Rural Broadband Strategy Jessica joins Magellan after serving in various senior leadership roles throughout federal government and non-profit sectors for over 20 years. Prior to joining Magellan, Jessica served for over five years as the Senior Advisor …


Broadband 101: NEO Connect

Friday, October 16  | Session notes and recording Engaging with ISPs and Utility Companies, Establishing Public-Private Partnerships Diane Kruse is a thought-leader in the ever-changing broadband industry. As the CEO of NEO Connect, she consults with electric companies and local governments on feasibility, strategy, design and financial impacts of Gigabit broadband networks. She has founded four …


Broadband 101: Nokia

Thursday, October 15 | Session notes and recording Let’s talk 5G Technology, Use Cases, Market Overview In this session we will cover three aspects of 5G. First, looking at an overview of 5G technology and the spectrum to be used. Then we will discuss the technology behind 5G and what makes it different than LTE. …


Broadband 101: VantagePoint

Thursday, October 22 | Session notes and recording Creative Partnerships in Cooperative Broadband What do a showcase data center, tax abatements, a water cooperative, and a back office service have in common? They’re all proof that when it comes to deploying broadband, you don’t have to go it alone. Each one is a piece of …


Broadband Project Development

October 13, 2021 | Session Notes and Video A high level tech overview covering strengths/weaknesses of the various last mile technologies, both wired and wireless, followed by a panel discussion on broadband projects and partnerships. Panelists: Joe Buttweiler, Director of Business Development, CTC Joe uses his 17 years of experience working for electric utilities deploying …


Broadband Strategy Board

The role of Blandin Foundation’s Broadband Strategy Board is to provide strategic guidance, counsel and quality control to the Blandin Community Broadband Program. Specifically, through their participation on the Strategy Board, members: Review and approve grant applications for ratification by Blandin Board of Trustees Help identify and vet program priorities and opportunities Communicate rural perspectives …


Carrying Forward VFVC Work

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship,” some wise person once said. The truth of this insight is borne out in the experience we at Blandin Foundation have had through our Vital Forests/Vital Communities (VFVC) Initiative. The initiative was launched in 2003 to strengthen and diversify Minnesota’s forest-based economy and promote the long-term ecological …


CEP Grantee Survey 2019

Every four years Blandin Foundation works with the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to survey grantees on the strengths and opportunities in our grantmaking. Survey data offers insight on the Foundation’s relationships, processes and structure as compared to other foundations. The CEP survey is one tool the Foundation uses to assess our work and invite …


Charles K. Blandin

Schoolteacher, newspaperman, industrialist. Highlights from the life of Blandin Foundation founder C.K. Blandin.

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