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Annual Broadband Conference

October 6 - 29, 2020

Location: Online - Zoom

We invite you to join us this fall for a next generation broadband-enabled, broadband-focused conference.

Interesting times require innovative solutions! 

The world is in flux and broadband seems to be at the center of it. The COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines on social distancing are creating the need and opportunity to learn how to do things differently, often with an online element. Meanwhile, the internet and social media are allowing people from all over the world in real time to witness and participate first-hand in the movement to end racial inequities in Minnesota and nationwide.

From telework to distance learning to keeping in touch with family and friends; from citizen journalism to starting a movement online; one thing is certain – access to broadband and the skills to use it is more important than ever.

We have decided to lean in, to take advantage of the technology we’ve been promoting for so long to meet the educational, professional, and civic needs of the attendees and hopefully demonstrate new ways to work and meet that you can bring back to your community.

The conference will be entirely virtual – but that doesn’t mean a series of online lectures. While we have planned a few traditional presentations, we have also created opportunities for discussion and collaboration, such as:

  • Custom meetup/mentoring sessions where you can meet online with potential partners and/or experts in broadband adoption and deployment.
  • Learning Cohorts (small groups) to connect you with other attendees to bounce ideas and traverse an online event throughout the conference.
  • Exciting keynote speakers with the option to ask questions in real time or later
  • Opportunities for small group discussion
Seeking three communities to take part in Purdue University’s Digital Ready Community program:

Blandin Foundation is partnering with Purdue University’s Center for Rural Development to offer a unique opportunity for up to three communities to work on becoming a Digital Ready Community.

This is a chance to join an abbreviated and accelerated pilot program to create an initiative to develop digital goals and standards for your local community to help improve marketing to the folks outside the community, encourage community-wide digital inclusivity by actively inviting all corners of the community and build trust in local digital communication – by aligning local websites, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and other existing assets. Imagine working together to build your digital reputation!

For more information on the Digital Ready Community component of the conference, contact Mary Magnuson at


Speakers to be announced!
Registration coming soon!


Save the Dates!
Week 1 October 6-8 Scheduled Sessions
Weeks 2 & 3 October 12-23

Elective Sessions
Opportunities TBA

Week 4 October 27-29 Scheduled Sessions
All sessions will be recorded and posted online for future viewing