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Week 2: October 12-16

Monday, October 12

Digital Office Hours: A Citizens’ Broadband Map: Speed Testing Initiatives in Washington and Minnesota with Nathan Zacharias, MN Rural Broadband Coalition Consultant; Russ Elliot, Washington State Broadband Office; Steve Giorgi, Range Association of Municipalities and Schools; and Glenn Fishbine, GEO Partners | Session notes and recording

Broadband 101:What Should the Network of the Future Do For a Community? by Andrew Cohill, Design Nine | Session notes and recording

Tuesday, October 13

Digital Office Hours: Pandemic Publishing with Children with Anne Brataas, Minnesota Children’s Press | Session notes and recording

Broadband 101: The Ever-Widening Broadband Gap by Doug Dawson, CCG Consulting | Session notes and recording

Wednesday, October 14

Digital Office Hours: Digital Engagement for Refugees and Immigrants with Fatima Said, Project FINE | Session notes and recording

Broadband 101: Drive Adoption and Engagement of Your Mobile App by Joe Kohegyi, Calix | Session notes and recording

Thursday, October 15

Digital Office Hours: Novel Coronavirus: Libraries Responding Beyond Books with Hannah Buckland, MDE; Jen Nelson, Minnesota State Librarian; and Maggie Snow, Minitex | Session notes and recording

Broadband 101: Let’s talk 5G Technology, Use Cases, Market Overview by Brian Pickering, Nokia | Session notes and recording

Special Presentation
Building Critical Connections: Partnership with Minnesota’s Small Business and Cooperative Broadband Providers
by Molly O’Leary, Director of Government Affairs, NTCA | Session notes and recording

Bill Coleman’s Broadband Happy Hour
Door Prizes and Contests! | Notes and photo

Friday, October 16

Digital Office Hours: Intelligent Communities in Minnesota | Session notes and recording

Broadband 101: Engaging with ISPs and Utility Companies, Establishing Public-Private Partnerships by Diane Kruse, NEO Connect | Session notes and recording

Broadband 2020: Connected We Stand
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