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How to apply for funds to take your education further.

Blandin Foundation scholarships exemplify Charles Blandin’s commitment to further the education and work skills of local students.

Season Closed

May 11, 2024 – Jan 2, 2025

The application period for Blandin Foundation Scholarships is currently closed. Awards are made in early May.

We will open applications for the 2025-26 school year in early January 2025.

If you have questions about your application or award, call us at 218-326-0523 or emailing

Blandin Foundation Scholarships

Blandin Foundation Scholarships – $1,000 to $6,000 per student each year – are for every student of high schools in the Itasca County area and Hill City, Remer, Blackduck, Northome and Bug O Nay Ge Shig schools, even if you’re not in the top of your class. Homeschooled and online students who would have graduated from one these schools are also eligible.

You can apply if you are under age 25, your household adjusted gross income (AGI) is less than $125,000, and you plan to pursue certificate programs, community technical or tribal college, and colleges or universities anywhere in the United States.

Blandin Foundation scholarships fund up to a bachelor’s degree. It is not available for masters/graduate degrees or doctorates/post-doctorates.

Questions about scholarships or need help with your application? Schedule time with scholarships staff either online or in-person through the Bookings app.

2024-25 Applications

Items you will need to complete your application:

  • Copy of your FAFSA Submission Summary from your FAFSA. Please complete your FAFSA prior to applying. You can complete your FAFSA at
    • Please note: Because the FAFSA is undergoing significant changes this year, we understand that there may be a delay in obtaining your FAFSA Submission Summary. When you complete the FAFSA, you should receive an estimated Student Aid Index (SAI) and estimated Pell Grant amount. Please provide that information in the application and we will adapt as needed to obtain the FAFSA Submission Summary when it is available.
  • Copy of your family’s 2022 IRS Federal Form 1040. Please be sure to check that your form has the year 2022 in the upper right portion of page 1.

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If you have questions or want to learn more, please call Jen Alger at 1-877-882-2257 or send an email to

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Recent News

Bug O Nay Ge Shig students at table

Largest scholarship budget in Blandin Foundation history of $1.5 million aims to build strong future rural workforce

January 12, 2023

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (Jan. 12, 2023) – Applications for Blandin Foundation’s scholarships are available and being accepted until March 1, 2023. The scholarships provide Itasca area students $1,000 to $5,000 or more per student for the 2023-2024 school year. Students may reapply each year, until they are age 25 or have earned up to a…

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